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On a world tour in 379 days

Who’s traveling?

Liesbet & Raphaël

An adventure that started in Belgium

It started out as an idea, a dream really: wouldn’t it be amazing to look forward to a major milestone in our lives? Taking a sabbatical year, embracing day to day freedom and the wonders of culture and nature during a world trip.

In the first phase of our trip we travelled in a custom made Volkswagen camper van. It gave us the opportunity to see and do more, stopping whenever and wherever we wanted to. To really enjoy the freedom of overland traveling, we cruised in a four wheel drive camper that functioned as our “home away from home” and took us just about anywhere we want to go.

At the end of February we sold our van and we decided to try a different travel approach. In the second phase of our adventure we constantly created custom itineraries with only one purpose: enjoying ourselves while discovering new parts of this big blue planet.


Trip started: summer 2010
Trip ended:  summer 2011

En route:

  • Canada
  • United States (Contiguous)
  • Mexico
  • South Pacific
  • South East Asia
  • Southern Africa


  • Follow the Trans Canada Highway and explore the many faces of the Canadian wilderness
  • Explore the national parks of the American southwest: Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon and Monument Valley and other must-see sights in America
  • Travel to Mexico and get out into the wild.
  • Discover the South Pacific islands hunting the sights, flavors and sounds of Oceania.
  • Exploring the Asian and African continent